Give your input on design concepts for Northside neighborhood parks! June 20, 21, 26

Can’t make the meetings? Go online to review design concepts and share your thoughts. 

The process continues for shaping the future of every neighborhood park in North Minneapolis, part of the long-term park plan known as the North Service Area Master Plan (NSAMP)

This month brings a series of meetings to discuss “preferred concepts” for each park. These concepts were created and refined by the project’s design team, based on a range of community feedback gathered since summer 2017

When the NSAMP project’s community advisory committee (CAC) and the general public met on June 4, it was determined that the 10 parks/areas listed below needed more discussion.

Read on for information about participating in the remaining meetings – or online – to have your say on Northside parks. 

Review the preferred design concepts 

Click on the links below (or go to the NSAMP project web page) to review the preferred design concepts for 30 neighborhood parks located in six areas of North Minneapolis: 

Share your feedback on the design concepts

1) Take an online survey: Once you have reviewed the concepts, you can go online to comment on them.

2) Attend a community meeting: Join us at one or more upcoming meetings, depending on the parks you’re interested in (see details in the listings below). The work group meetings on June 18 and June 20 are dedicated to the parks mentioned in their titles. The CAC (community advisory committee) meetings are dedicated to in-depth discussions about the preferred concepts for the ten parks that need it, based on discussions at the June 4 CAC meeting. 

  • Shingle Creek work group meeting – Wednesday June 20, 6 to 7:30 p.m.
    (also known as the “Create a Community Center” meeting)
    Creekview Recreation Center, 5001 Humboldt Ave N. This group meets to discuss the concepts for Shingle Creek Regional Trail, Creekview, Humboldt Greenway and Shingle Creek Park in more detail. 
  • RESCHEDULED – CAC meeting #8 – Thursday June 21, 6 to 8 p.m. 
    North Commons Recreation Center, 1801 James Ave. N.
    A light dinner will be served.
    Discussion will be dedicated to design concepts for parks listed below and will take place in the order listed. 
  • CAC meeting #9 – Tuesday June 26, 6 to 8 p.m. 
    Folwell Recreation Center, 1615 N. Dowling Ave. 
    A light dinner will be served.
    Discussion of remaining design concepts for parks listed below (that is, concepts not addressed at the CAC meeting #8)  

Parks, design concepts, and discussion topics 

The remaining design concepts for parks will be discussed in the following order, which was created randomly with some exceptions*:

  1. Hall Park*: (discussion requested by MPRB staff) arrangement of western half of park, and improving visibility and access into park from Lyndale
  2. Farwell Park: inclusion of aquatics
  3. North Commons Park: the idea of a major change to the park to include improved water park, larger community building, and premier field with winter sports dome
  4. Farview Park: new trails in the park, and possible other considerations
  5. Shingle Creek Regional Trail / Creekview / Humboldt Greenway / Shingle Creek Park: skatepark and basketball location, and arrangement around Creekview Rec Center
  6. Sumner Field Park: inclusion of parking, and what might be implemented instead of parking
  7. Victory Prairie and Dog Park: internal and external pathways and walking loops
  8. Perkins Hill Park: inclusion of parking
  9. Bassett’s Creek Park*: types of trails
  10. Bryn Mawr Park*: parking and access

* Hall Park is first because the design team will be submitting a new design for review. Bassett’s Creek and Bryn Mawr are Mawr are grouped together due to geography.  

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About the North Service Area Master Plan

The North Service Area Master Plan (NSAMP) will create new, long-term plans for all Minneapolis neighborhood parks north of I-394 and west of the Mississippi River. NSAMP will consider how parks are operated, maintained, and improved. It will include plans for all exterior facilities  athletic fields, playgrounds, trails, etc. — but not buildings or recreation centers. For more information, visit the project web page.

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