Current activities for Hiawatha Golf Course storm water and ground water assessment

Work is proceeding on installation of monitoring wells on the golf course property. The wells aid in understanding ground water conditions and will allow us to better define the quantities of storm water and ground water pumped into Lake Hiawatha. Other measuring devices (flow meters) have been ordered and will be installed upon receipt by Barr Engineering. Staff worked with Barr to define the least disruptive, most secure, and most accurate methods of installation.

The current storm water pipe on the north side of the course was investigated and found to be partially filled with sediments. The presence of sediments in the pipe limits our ability to measure flows. Staff is working with Barr to determine alternative methods of obtaining flow data, a critical piece of the assessment. Staff is also working with the City of Minneapolis Public Works personnel to have the accumulated sediments cleared from the pipes.

On October 7, 2015, the MPRB applied for a ground water appropriation permit from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources through the MnDNR Permitting and Reporting System (MPARS) program. Communications with the MnDNR are continuing to ensure all necessary information supporting the permit application is provided. New information, such as the Board]approved Barr scope for work, has been added to the permit application since its submission. When the MnDNR considers the permit application complete, the MPRB will be invoiced for the permit. However, the DNR has indicated it will wait for the results of the Barr work to fully review the permit application.

The DNR is reviewing the Barr scope to determine the need for other investigations. To date, they have requested an assessment of the relationship between shallow and deep ground water; that work was incorporated into the Barr scope of work when it was approved by the Board of Commissioners. The DNR has also asked for wetland delineations of the golf course.

Staff has prepared a scope of work for a peer review consultant as noted in the action taken by the Board of Commissioners in its approval of the Barr contract. Staff will be reviewing the scope with a potential peer review consultant during the week of November 9.

Staff has prepared and will deliver separately to the Board of Commissioners:

  • A summary of improvements related to storm water, and in particular the ponds and pumps, implemented on the golf course since the early 1960s; and
  • A summary of the meeting with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources held on October 6, 2015.
  • View summaries with attachments [PDF]