Construction Anticipated in June/July, 2019

Due to a tight construction market, staff are rebidding the Water Works project in the spring of 2019. Depending on bid results, new construction of the building and site are planned to begin during the summer of 2019. Staff anticipates a 12 month construction process, however the schedule can be impacted by weather, material availability, unexpected conditions, etc.

2019 Construction work will result in some closures to First Street South and West River Parkway. Team will maintain access to adjacent properties. Most of the time one lane of traffic will remain open at a minimum; however, some utility work will require closure of both lanes. The team will maintain access to the Riverwest garage at all times. Staff anticipates closing West River Parkway from late July through the fall of 2019 with limited bike/ped access between Fourth Street North and Portland Avenue. The driveway to Mill Ruins Parking Lot near the Stone Arch Bridge will remain open and the lot will be accessible during construction.

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