CAC applications for Mississippi Gorge Master Plan due March 7; Minnehaha Creek and SW Minneapolis deadline extended to March 21

New Master Plans coming for Mississippi Gorge Regional Park, Minnehaha Regional Trail, Southwest Service Area

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) is excited to launch three new park master planning projects:

Mississippi Gorge Regional Park Master Plan

Parkland flanking both the east and west banks of the Mississippi River between Bridge No. 9 and north edge of Minnehaha Regional Park.

Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail Master Plan

Parkland along both sides Minnehaha Creek between Minnehaha Regional Park and the western city limit.

Southwest Service Area Master Plan

All Minneapolis neighborhood parks south of I-394 and west of I-35W, including small triangle park properties. Does not include regional parks such as Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Regional Park (including Brownie, Cedar, Isles, Bde Maka Ska, and Harriet) nor regional trails (Kenilworth, Cedar Lake, and Minnehaha) because regional parks and trails are required by the Metropolitan Council to have separate master plans.

Community Advisory Committee applications due soon!

These three separate master plan projects will set visions and priorities for future park and trail improvements. The planning for each of these projects will be guided by separate Community Advisory Committees (CACs), which are appointed by various neighborhood organizations and elected officials.

Applications for the Mississippi Gorge Regional Park Master Plan CAC are due March 7. The deadline for Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail and Southwest Service Area Master Plan CACs has been extended to March 21.

While each master plan project will have its own CAC, only one application must be filled out to apply for any or all three of the projects. Follow the link below to view the application and apply:

CAC Application [PDF]

What is a CAC? 

Community Advisory Committees provide volunteer opportunities for stakeholders to share insight and resources and serve to build and sustain relationships between the community, partner agencies and the MPRB. Members of the CAC are expected to represent the views of park users and to work collaboratively with each other and the public to provide comprehensive recommendations to the Board about the project.

Responsibilities of CAC members

Through this process, CAC members are expected to become knowledgeable about the project and its scope, understand and represent the park and recreation needs of the community and park visitors, and act as community liaisons for the project. Members will participate in public CAC meetings, advise MPRB staff and consultants throughout the planning process, and recommend to the Board of Commissioners a preferred plan.

MPRB Promise

The MPRB will work with the CAC and stakeholders for advice and innovation in formulating solutions and incorporate recommendations to the maximum extent possible. 

Time Commitment

The total time commitment for CAC members is estimated at 25-40 hours over the course of about 12 months. The majority of the meetings will occur on weekday evenings (the exact schedule will be different for each project). Each CAC will have between seven and ten official CAC meetings of about two hours each.

Appointment Process 

All completed CAC applications submitted by the March 7 and March 21 deadlines will be forwarded to all the appointers. Applicants may be contacted directly by an appointer to discuss the project and interest.

Apply to serve on a Master Plan CAC [PDF]