Bossen Field-Soil Testing to Begin, Concept Feedback Needed

Soil Testing To Begin Thursday

Soil investigation is scheduled to begin this Thursday, April 16, weather permitting. Testing will include digging 20 test pits spread around the entire park. The test pits will be 4 foot square, and to the depth needed to reach native soils. The contractor doing this work will dig and re-fill each hole as they work. The contractor will try to limit impact to one field at a time. Restoration will include turf seed and straw blanket.

The park had all utilities located with paint and small wire and plastic flags last week. Please do not disturb these markings. These are very important to avoid damaging park infrastructure. This work is in preparation for the upcoming re-design of the park.

We apologize for the inconvenience to park users related to this work. Park visitors are advised to keep well away from the contractors and their equipment.

Concept Feedback Needed

Three preliminary design concepts were presented at the second CAC meeting on March 24. We are still seeking feedback from the public on their preferences. Please see the links on the project webpage (or go to, then select “Bossen Field Master Plan”) for the concepts and for the feedback. Feedback is requested by April 14 to inform the revised concept for the next meeting, but will still be accepted after this date. Please plan to attend the third Community Advisory Meeting on April 21 at 5:30 pm, at Crosstown Church, across from the park. The public is welcome and will have designated speaking time at the end of the meeting. See Meeting Details

For more information, please contact the project manager, Andrea Weber, at, or 612-230-6466.

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