Bassett's Creek Park Playground and Site Improvements Project Update

Posted on August 29, 2017

Construction delayed until spring 2018

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) will replace the playground at Bassett's Creek Park in Bryn Mawr neighborhood and construct various site improvements to create a more accessible and inviting neighborhood space. Unfortunately, project construction has been delayed from summer/fall 2017 to spring 2018 due to complications identified during the project permitting process.

MPRB staff recently discovered the existing playground sits on the boundary of the Bassett Creek 100-year floodplain. Construction within the floodplain requires additional permitting from the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission and City of Minneapolis. The MPRB is working with the Watershed and City to obtain necessary permits/authorization and plans to start construction in April/May 2018.

The MPRB appreciates the public's patience during this unfortunate delay and would like to extend an apology to families who anticipated the new playground opening this fall. 

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