1/26/16 CAC Orientation Summary


CAC Orientation
This meeting was held on January 26, 2016

CAC’S Role and Responsibility

  • The MPRB places a high value on the opinions, recommendations, and guidance of its CACs. The involvement in, and endorsement of, RecQuest’s vision, principles, ideas, and concepts will have a significant effect on the MPRB Commissioner’s approval of the final report.
  • Because of this, it is always important that the project as a whole is considered—that all people that will use these recreation centers are considered and their needs are thought of as well as a CAC member’s own.
  • Specifically, as approved by the Board, the CAC is tasked to:
    • become knowledgeable about the project and its scope;
    • advise MPRB staff and consultants throughout the planning process;
    • contribute to broad community engagement;
    • assist with ongoing communication of the plan to the general public;
    • report back to your appointer or appointing bodies; and
    • make recommendations to MPRB Commissioners on visions, principles, and designs.
  • The RecQuest CAC is encouraged to bring their best ideas, their liveliest discussions, and their most honest criticisms. Willingness to compromise and to see the big picture is also a necessary component.  This is the next legacy moment for Minneapolis recreation centers, and this CAC has a hand in shaping it.
  • DRAFT RecQuest Phase 1 Report
  • There will be a public comment period at all CAC meetings.
  • The first CAC meeting will be held February 22, 6-8pm at Farview Park.

Any feedback or information for CAC members can be sent to Jamie Neldner for distribution – jneldner@minneapolisparks.org or 612-499-9305.