Project Location

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary (W-1)
Humboldt Triangle (W-2)
Lake of the Isles Park (W-3)
Lake Harriet Park (W-4)
Stevens Square (W-5)
Powderhorn Park (W-6)
Minnehaha Creek Regional Trail (W-7)
Mississippi Gorge Regional Park – West River Parkway (W-8)

Map of all Locations [PNG]

Project Manager

Julia Roessler

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Language Resources

Correo Electró

Key Documents

Wells and Drinking Fountains Info

2018-154 – Resolution Authorizing the Use of a Cooperative Purchasing Agreement Using State of MN Contract Release D-203(5) for Drilling Services with Midwestern Drilling, LLC Contract #120511 for a Proposed Cost of $168,186.00 with a 5% Contingency of $8,409.30 for a Total Cost of Up to $176,595.30 for the MPRB Well Sealing Project at Multiple Park Locations


Current Phase: Construction
Construction: Spring-Fall 2018

Project Milestones

June 2017

  • MPRB Received Order to Correct Notices from the city of Minneapolis for Eight (8) Well Locations in 2017

September 2017

  • MPRB Requested an Extension to Close Eight Wells between July and November of 2018
  • City of Minneapolis Approved the Extension

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

  • MPRB Developed Bid Documents for Well Sealing
  • MPRB Solicited Quotes from Contractors for Well Sealing

April 2018

  • MPRB awarded a Contract for Well Sealing at Eight (8) Parks

Spring-Fall 2018

  • Well Sealing Work Underway at Eight (8) Parks

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Funding Sources

Neighborhood Parks
2018 NPP20 – Below Grade Infrastructure Rehab:  $62,953.11

Regional Parks
2014 Regional Park Amenity:  $17,835.14
2015 Regional Park Amenity:  $107,807.05

Why are the wells ordered to be closed?

The wells are being closed for several reasons.  The appropriateness of maintaining several of the wells resulted in them being taken out of service.  Several of the wells have water quality issues. Also, the wells go down very deep into aquifers, which poses a potential issue of contamination.