Project Location

Minnehaha Regional Park
(Bryant Avenue to Garfield Avenue near Minnehaha Parkway and Lyndale Avenue)

Project Manager

Jon Duesman

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Language Resources

Correo Electró


Current Phase: Research & Development
Construction: TBD

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Project Milestones

September 2016

  • Work on Phase 1 begins

Spring 2017

  • Work on Phase 1 wraps up


  • Phase 2 planned

Project History

June 17, 2015

  • Public Meeting #3

April 23, 2015

March 17, 2015

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Community Engagement

View the Community Engagement Plan [PDF]

Two public community meetings will be held to review the scope of the project and discuss opportunities for trail improvements. The first public meeting will review current conditions and alignment of these two trail segments and will highlight specific constraints and opportunities regarding improvement. The public will have the opportunity to comment on how they currently use these trail segments and what they think might help improve public use and safety. The second public meeting will seek recommendations and clarity from the public on what is important and how proposed improvements might improve safety and use of these trail segments. Comments from the public meetings will be taken into consideration in developing a preferred trail concept plan. The approved concept plan will then go before the MPRB Commissioners for acceptance. A public hearing will occur on the same agenda as the concept plan approval; offering residents the opportunity to speak to the Commissioners regarding the proposed improvements. Prior to the public hearing a notification reminder regarding the public hearing will be mailed to residents within a three-block radius of the parkway trail segment.

Past Meetings

October 22, 2015 - Public Meeting #4

June 17, 2015Public Meeting #3 Comment Cards [PDF]

April 23, 2015Public Meeting #2 Summary

March 17, 2015Public Meeting #1 Summary

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Comprised of seven districts and totaling approximately 50 miles, the historic Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway takes a roughly circular path through the City. Pedestrian and bicycle trails along the Grand Rounds help provide connections around the city and into local neighborhoods and parks. Minnehaha Parkway is part of the Minnehaha district. This segment of the Grand Rounds connects the Chain of Lakes district and the Mississippi River district.

Recent reconstruction of the Lyndale Avenue Bridge included construction of a shared use trail directly beneath the bridge on the north side of the creek. However, trail segments on both sides of the bridge are not currently designed for shared use, cyclists travelling along this stretch of the parkway must cross up at Lyndale Avenue versus being able to travel beneath the bridge. There is a significant trail conflict location on the east side of Lyndale Avenue, where the pedestrian path joins in with the bicycle path. The dense vegetation along the pathway limits visibility, the speed at which cyclists travel down the hill and, the trail configuration all pose safety issues between pedestrians and cyclists. The wood boardwalk connecting the walking trail along the creek up to the parkway needs replacement; sections continually have to be repaired due to falling trees and general decay of the decking. The slope of the boardwalk is quite steep and can be slippery and the narrow width makes it difficult to effectively clear snow from it.

Improvements to trail segments will seek to resolve trail conflict areas, replace aged pavement and reconfigure trail alignment as deemed necessary. Improvements may also include enhanced trail striping and signage. All improvements are intended to improve safety for trail users.

Park History

Minnehaha Parkway History [PDF]