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Minneapolis, MN

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Cliff Swenson

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Current Phase: Planning/Construction
Construction: Varies (see individual project for dates)

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Bde Maka Ska-Isles-Cedar Area Sewer Improvements Project

As part of the first phase, portions of the existing Hopkins - St. Louis Park - Minneapolis Regional Sanitary Sewer are being replaced. The project encompasses the area between Dean Parkway and E Calhoun Parkway, generally following the Midtown Greenway. The work began in Spring 2012 and will continue through 2013.

Cedar Lake Area Sewer Improvements

Also part of the larger Hopkins System Improvements Project Facility Plan, the work in the Cedar Isles Dean Neighborhood will replace a regional sanitary sewer. This has required the construction of a temporary road across the northwest corner of Park Siding Park. The bulk of the work is expected to take place in 2013 and finished up in 2014.

Southwest Minneapolis Interceptor Rehabilitation Project

Rehabilitation work on aging and deteriorating  regional sanitary sewers in the Linden Hills Neighborhood of Minneapolis in the Linden Hills Neighborhood will take place Summer 2013 and will continue through the Spring 2015.  The project includes several phases with Phase 2 including segments of Calhoun Parkway, William Berry Parkway, E. Lake Harriet Parkway, Lyndale park and the Roberts Bird Sanctuary, Kings Highway and portions of Lyndale Farmstead Park.

Minneapolis Interceptor Rehabilitation Phase 2


North Minneapolis Interceptor Rehabilitation