Project Location

Meadowbrook Golf Club
201 Meadowbrook Road
Minneapolis, MN 55343

Project Manager

Tyler Pederson
Phone: 612-499-9084

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Key Documents

None at this time.


Current Phase: Planning
Construction: TBD

What's New

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Project Milestones


  • Course and Creek Restoration Project bids were rejected and efforts were directed towards a plan better aligned with available funding from defined sources

Summer/Fall 2016

  • Rototilling and re-seeding took place to ensure an opening in late 2017 

Winter 2016/2017

  • Well Closure Project started by order of the MN Department of Health

Spring 2017

  • Bunker, Rough, Irrigation, Cart Path, and Site Cleanup Project starts

Spring 2017

  • Clubhouse demolition starts (clubhouse was flooded and damaged beyond repair)

Summer 2017

  • Temporary building for golf course sales on site

Late Summer 2017

  • The course will open for play after projects are complete and the new turf has ample time to grow in.

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Past Meetings

May 18, 2015 - Community Meeting #3 Summary

February 2, 2015 - Community Meeting #2 Summary

January 13, 2015 - Community Meeting #1 Presentation [PDF]

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Spring 2014 record rainfalls and subsequent flooding damaged both the Hiawatha and Meadowbrook golf courses. As a result, both courses remained closed during the 2014 golf season.

Park History

Meadowbrook Golf Club History [PDF]