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Winter Cutting Begins in November (2015)

Applied Ecological Services, contractor for the MPRB Loring Pond Vegetation Management project, will begin cutting cattails at Loring Pond in November. Weather permitting, cattail cutting will continue into the winter months. The cut cattail leaves and stems will be hauled from the site and composted. Cutting cattails on the North Bay floating mat, which comprises […]

Cutting in South Bay complete (2015)

Cattail cutting in the south bay of Loring Pond was completed in August. Where possible, invasive cattails were severed below the water surface in an attempt to suffocate them. Now Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) staff are raising Loring Pond’s water level – in accordance with permits issued by the Minnesota Department of Natural […]

Loring Park Cattail Control Project Underway (2015)

During the week of August 10, cattails in the lake were cut below the water level and the debris hauled off site. The cutting was done by contractors in boats and in the water using brush saws, loppers and hand pruners. The native plants in this area were not cut down. Most notably, large patches […]

Loring Park Vegetation Management Open House on August 11, 2015

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation (MPRB) will hold a public open house on Tuesday, August 11 to share information on Loring Park’s Vegetation Management.  The open house will run from 6:30-8 pm in the Loring Community Arts Center, with a tour of the Loring Pond area beginning at 7 pm. The tour, led by a Minneapolis Park […]

Future Vegetation Management Work at Loring Pond

The MPRB is evaluating future options for shoreline and emergent vegetation management that increase native plant diversity and decreases cattail dominance in Loring Pond.