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Work on Loring Park vegetation management continues (2018-2020)

Controlling cattails for the 2018 growing season will consist of a targeted herbicide treatment to cattails in the both the South Bay and North Bays during the growing season.

2018 – 2020 Continued Cattail Control in the South Bay

Amendment #2 to the Contract with AES extends the contract until July 1, 2020 to continue control of hybrid and narrow-leaved cattail in the South Bay of Loring Pond.

Work on Loring Park vegetation management continues (Winter 2017-2018)

Applied Ecological Services, the contractor for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s Loring Pond Vegetation Management project, will be cutting, removing and disposing of dead cattails from the Loring Pond North Bay on Thursday, Jan. 18 and Friday, Jan. 19. This work was delayed until the ice was thick enough to safely support contractors and equipment.

2017-2018 Winter Cutting and Disposal of Cattail Stems

Dead cattails from the North Bay herbicide treatment will be cut and hauled out in the winter (2017-2018) by AES when there is ice on the lake.

2017 Additional Cattail Control for the North Bay

Amendment #1 to the Contract with AES will consist of a one-time herbicide application in late summer 2017 of the North Bay floating mat and shoreline cattails. The work will be performed from a boat in order to reach the floating mat cattails. An ATV and spray tank on land will be utilized to reduce […]

Continued work on cattail control in 2017 – 2018

Cattail control continues in the South Bay using mechanical (pulling and cutting) as well as spot herbicide applications as per the MPRB Contract with Applied Ecological Services (AES) approved by the Board on July 1, 2015 (Resolution 2015-247) and State Legislation passed for cattail control in Loring Pond. The 2015 Contract with AES also includes […]

Planting begins at Loring Park on Monday (2016)

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) contractor Applied  Ecological Services (AES) will be working on the Loring Park South Bay on Monday, July 18. AES will plant several varieties of aquatic emergent plants into the lake, including: Sweet flag Arrowhead Dark green rush River bulrush Softstem bulrush Bur reed AES will also be pulling the floating cattail […]

Loring Park vegetation management work continues into March (2017)

Large mechanical equipment in use beginning February 29 Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) forestry staff will begin cutting and removing frozen cattail encased in ice from Loring Pond’s North Bay beginning Mon., February 29. Staff will use chainsaws, long-arm backhoes and other large mechanical equipment to cut and move the ice from Loring Park. […]

Winter cattail cutting underway

Applied Ecological Services (AES) staff started cutting floating mat cattails in the South Bay on Wednesday, Jan. 19. They are using brush saws to cut cattails at ice level. (Note: winter cattail cutting is to facilitate future work on the floating cattail mats in the lake. It is not being used as a strategy to […]

Loring Park vegetation management continues (2015-2016)

Work on Loring Park vegetation management continues into the late fall and winter months Applied Ecological Services (AES), contractor for the MPRB Loring Pond Vegetation Management project, will be cutting cattail stems during the fall and winter months of 2015/2016. The cut cattail leaves and stems will be hauled from the site and composted. The […]