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Logan Park

690 13th Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

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Louis Peters Phone: 612-230-6454 Email:

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Current Phase: Construction Construction: Summer 2018 to Spring 2019

New wading pool and roof coming to Logan Park and Recreation Center Construction starts this summer!

Construction starts this summer! At its May 16 meeting, the The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) approved the contract to replace the wading pool at Logan Park. Timing for the construction phase of this project allows the pool to be open for most of the summer: Work is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 30, […]

Construction of Logan Park Wading Pool Improvements postponed

The bids received in June for the reconstruction of the wading pool were considerably higher than available project funds.  The MPRB had hoped to start construction in the fall of 2016.  Instead the MPRB will seek additional funds and project cost savings to rebid the project in early 2017.

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Project Milestones

May-June 2016

  • Construction document preparation
  • Bidding

Fall 2016 – Spring 2018

  • Project on hold while MPRB seeks additional funds

Spring 2018

  • Rebid project and award bid

Summer 2018

  • Existing pool open for use through late July

Summer-Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

  • Construction

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Community Engagement

Before engagement with the community began in late winter of 2016, it was determined that the existing mechanical room for the pool, located in the Recreation Center near the south entrance, could not be re-used without significant damage to a 60” Elm tree and to play equipment.  The engineering consultant also established that drilling the new mechanical lines under the playground and tree was not a feasible option.  Since a new mechanical building (located next to the new pool) was not foreseen when the project budget was established, it became apparent that amenities such as water features and shade structures would not be affordable within the project scope. The basic project scope included a new pool basin with zero-depth entry and new concrete deck, new mechanical systems (required by code), fencing, and four benches.  The Logan Park Neighborhood Association stepped forward in April to offer up to $25,000 in neighborhood funds for extra pool amenities, prioritizing water play features for the younger and older children.  A shade structure was the next most important amenity to those polled. Two open houses we held to share information about the project and discuss community preferences for options related to unfunded amenities. Project information boards were posted continuously in the Recreation Center from February through April, prior to the public hearing for the wading pool concept approval. The boards polled preferences for amenities over and above the basic wading pools replacement. In addition to the open houses specifically related to the wading pool project, MPRB planning staff attended Logan Park programs and events to share project information:

  • Tiny Tot Gym on February 12
  • Egg Hunt on March 25

The MPRB wishes to encourage participation by everyone to our programs, activities, and services. If you feel you need an accommodation in order to fully participate because of a disability or language interpretation need, please call Planning at (612)230-6472 (or the Minnesota Relay System at 711) or email in advance of the meeting so arrangements can be made prior to the meeting.

Past Meetings

April 20, 2016 – Public Hearing Presentation [PDF]

Upcoming Meetings

This project seeks to replace the existing wading pool and related mechanical systems at Logan Park in Minneapolis (690 13th Ave. NE). The wading pool was originally constructed in 1971. The pool is located in the east central portion of the park, south of the recreation center building and just west of the park’s parking lot. The existing circular wading pool is constructed of concrete with a diameter of 44 feet and an area of 1520 square feet. The pool has a uniform shallow depth of 24” and a central drain. The pool mechanicals are housed in the utility room of the rec center building, 155 feet from the pool. The generous concrete deck around the pool is octagonal and enclosed by a 48” ornamental steel fence set into a concrete curb. Eight benches are set around the deck perimeter. The self-closing gate is located on the west side of the pool, equidistant from the sand-filled playgrounds to the north and south. According to MPRB Staff, the wading pool is heavily used from mid-morning to late afternoon and draws from local day care centers, and surrounding neighborhoods, as well as those on the North Side. The 24” depth is popular with pool users. Lack of shade is an issue. The neighborhood is fiercely protective of the trees on the property, especially a 60″ diameter Elm between the mechanical room and the pool. Since replacing the piping to and from the rec center building involves deep excavation, a new pool building and connections to utility lines may be needed to protect existing trees and playground equipment. The new pool should meet ADA accessibility standards, with one end being zero depth entry. The shape of the new pool will be changed to a square shape 44′ x 44′. A few spray features and a shade feature may be added. MPRB Park Police typically patrol the park from the surrounding streets. Keeping views open into and through the park is important. For Logan, because of the location of the pool between the playgrounds for two different age groups, north-south views should be kept as open as possible for parents monitoring the activities of their children.
The Logan Park Neighborhood Association helped fund the shade structure, benches and play features.  
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