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Carp removal part of a three-year project to improve water quality of Lake Nokomis

People may notice a lot of activity on and near Lake Nokomis in the coming weeks. Contractors are testing box-netting techniques that may play a part in long-term control of invasive carp at Lake Nokomis. Much of this work is scheduled to occur late at night and early in the morning. 

Winter/Spring 2018

Data collection about the lake’s populations of carp and other fish are on track. A carp-removal operation using a seine net was planned for late fall or winter 2017/2018; however, the factors necessary for successful operation did not come together. Fortunately, the project team gathered valuable information in planning and preparing the site, and is […]

Fall 2017

Population estimate work continues. Tracking tagged carp continues as temperatures drop into the winter, to determine whether the carp are forming a tight aggregation (or “school”).  Contractors and gear are ready to conduct a carp removal when a critical mass of carp have aggregated. 

Summer 2017

Surveys and monitoring to determine carp population, age structure, and recruitment continue. Several more carp were tagged throughout the watershed, including one carp in Soloman Wetland that later migrated to Lake Nokomis.

Winter 2016-17

Telemetry surveys continued to determine if carp were schooling. It was determined that the carp only formed a school for a brief time period. Winter rain and events on the ice may have been reasons the carp left their aggregation.

Fall 2016

In the fall of 2016, several carp were caught, radio tagged, and released in Lake Nokomis and Taft Lake. Telemetry surveys over the winter tracked their movement and they continue to be monitored.

Work Continues for Summer

Surveys and monitoring to determine carp population, age structure, and recruitment continue during the summer of 2017.