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Minneapolis, MN

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Adam Arvidson

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Activity Plan FAQ [PDF]


Current Phase: Planning
Construction: TBD

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Project Milestones

Date TBD

  • 45-day public comment period opened by the Board of Commissioners
  • Public hearing at the Planning Commission
  • Full Board will consider approval

Project History


  • Drafting of the Development Plan

December 2012

  • Community Engagement - public open houses (see materials under "Get Involved" Tab)


  • Community Engagement - focus groups with program partners

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Community Engagement

The next opportunity for Community Input will be when the draft plan is opened for public review and comment. This is anticipated for fall-winter 2014. A 45-day comment period will be opened at a regular Board meeting. Upon conclusion of the comment period, staff will review comments and make revisions to the plan prior to bringing it back for approval by the Board.

For questions about this project, please contact the Project Manager.

Community engagement began with a series of public meetings and a broad survey completed in 2009.

2012 Community Engagement Summary

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Do you play tennis or basketball or another outdoor court sport? If so, you may be interested in the Court Sports Activity Plan under development by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s (MPRB) Planning Division with the help of an inter-organizational staff team.

An Activity Plan is a document that supports the Comprehensive Plan. The activity team, in this case the Court Sports Activity Team, reviews a group of similar activities such as court sports, and evaluates programs and facilities in the park system that support those activities. This evaluation then informs the development of a plan to provide a sustainable level of service for the activity.

The Court Sport Activity Team works with internal and external partners, as well as members of the public, to understand and assess how well the MPRB currently meets the demand for court activities and what improvements are needed.

The Courts Sports Activity Plan includes the following 13-plus outdoor court sports: tennis, basketball, volleyball (grass and sand), badminton, pickleball, kato, futsal, bike polo, shuffleboard, bocce, horseshoes, table tennis, and games (toss n score, 4-square, hopscotch).

The Court Sports Activity Team (consisting of MPRB staff from multiple departments) will review the activities and evaluate programs and facilities in the park system that support court sports activities. This evaluation then informs the development of a plan to provide a sustainable level of service for the activity.

Significant changes to courts in neighborhood parks will be determined as Service Area Master Plans are completed throughout the park system. The Court Sports Activity Plan will recommend a level of service for different types of courts and will identify where there may be too few or too many of specific facilities. Changes will be implemented as funding is made available in neighborhood parks.

The court sports activity plan will also recommend guidelines for maintenance and reconstruction of courts. The plan will also provide guidelines for prioritization of use of maintenance funding.