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Bridge rehab is nearing completions and is expected to reopen next week (week of 11/19)

Minor work will remain for the contractor in the spring of 2019 including, site restoration and seeding, concrete abutment surface repair and paint touch-ups. A Grand Opening celebration will be scheduled next year as well. Back to Project Page

September Project Update

Recent work on the Boom Island-Nicollet Island Bridge rehabilitation project includes sandblasting and repainting of the bridge substructure, with deck installation scheduled to begin next week.  Unfortunately, significant material delivery delays and construction staging challenges have pushed back expected project completion to early November. All efforts are being made to reopen the bridge as soon […]

August Project Update

The Boom Island-Nicollet Island Bridge rehabilitation project is making good progress, although long lead times for steel and timber decking did cause some delay. The bridge is still expected to reopen this fall, likely in early October. Steel repairs continue this week with sandblasting and painting of the lower steel structure, followed by deck installation on […]

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Project Milestones

Fall 2016

  • Design

Winter 2016/17

  • Bidding

Winter 2017

  • Heritage Preservation Commission Application Denial

Spring 2017

  • Scoping


  • TBD

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Project Background

Through land acquisitions beginning in the mid-1970s, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) became the owner of the steel truss railroad bridge constructed in 1890. In the early 1980s this bridge was converted from a railroad bridge to a pedestrian bridge that connected Nicollet Island Park to the BF Nelson/Boom Island Parks.

During a 2014 inspection of the Bridge, City Bridge Inspectors found evidence of steel deterioration to the ends of bridge steel trusses where they connect to the bridge abutments and identified the need to repaint the entire structure.

In December of 2014, MPRB staff hired a bridge engineer to conduct a complete bridge investigation and develop temporary and long-term repair concepts and cost estimates.

In 2015, the engineer submitted their findings and recommendations which suggested the need for immediate temporary repair of the south ends of existing steel trusses where they connect to the bridge abutments. In July, 2015 MPRB engaged the City of Minneapolis, Bridge Construction Department to install temporary supports and bracing in order to allow the bridge to remain serviceable until the long-term repairs could be made in 2017, which will be completed through this project.


Funding is provided from the 2016 Regional Park Operations and Maintenance Fund ($175K), the 2017 Regional Park Operations and Maintenance Fund ($140K) and the 2017 Metropolitan Council’s Parks and Trails Fund ($1.2M)

Park History

See David C. Smith’s Parks, Lakes, Trails and So Much More [PDF].