Sidewalk improvements scheduled for south, southwest Minneapolis neighborhood parks

Work begins at these locations as soon as June 15.

In neighborhood parks throughout Minneapolis, cracked, patched, pitted and crumbling sections of sidewalks are getting replaced with smooth concrete.

Contractors have replaced sidewalk segments at parks in Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis and are turning to locations in south and southwest Minneapolis. They will work at parks in the following order, pending changes in scheduling or other factors: 

  • Phillips Community Center
  • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park
  • Lyndale Farmstead Park
  • Lynnhurst Park

These locations and the others listed below were prioritized based on the “fair” or “poor” condition of their sidewalks, determined as part of a 2017 assessment of pavement conditions in all Minneapolis neighborhood parks. 

This work is part of an ongoing project to upgrade paved areas and improve accessibility throughout 160 neighborhood parks in the coming years. Funding for the project comes from the 20-Year Neighborhood Park Plan (NPP20), a long-term initiative that reverses years of under-funding in neighborhood parks. More information is below and at

Other locations slated for 2018 sidewalk replacements

North Minneapolis parks: Oliver Triangle, Webber

South Minneapolis parks: Diamond Lake, Hiawatha School, Morris

Downtown and Southwest Minneapolis parks: Laurel Triangle, Levin Triangle

Work is taking place or was recently completed at the following locations: 

Southwest Minneapolis: Stevens Square

Northeast/Southeast parks: Marshall Terrace, Columbia, Deming Heights, Oak Crest Triangle, Jackson Square, Windom Northeast, Sibley Triangle, St. Anthony, Orlin Triangle, Northeast Athletic Field

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