Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board congratulates 2017 Youth Winter Sportsmanship Award winners

Posted on May 15, 2017

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board presented the 2017 Winter Youth Sportsmanship Awards to four neighborhood park sports coaches and their teams and to ten individual youth at the Board of Commissioners meeting on May 3.

Teams were recognized for their players’ outstanding display of positive attitudes, commitment, dedication, persistence, and overcoming adversity. Coaches were recognized for being positive role models, loyal to the program, emphasizing team work, demonstrating strong work ethic and passion, and engaging players and parents to have fun.

The awarded teams were chosen among 200 MPRB basketball, wrestling and hockey youth sports teams for demonstrating exemplary sportsmanship throughout the winter season. The awarded individual athletes were chosen among 2,151 youth athletes who participated in one of the three winter sports in 2017. A total of 395 coaches dedicated over 28,500 hours to their teams.

Congratulations to the following players and their coaches:


Folwell Lions open basketball

12U Folwell Lions (open basketball)

Back, left to right: Kevin Coleman Sr., Mike Benham (Coach), Travis Heglund

Front, left to right: Elias Harris, Kevin Coleman Jr., Jeron Janke, Malik Din-Fisher


Coyle girls basketball

18U Coyle (girls basketball)

Back, left to right: Matt Bell, Adna Abukar , Samira Barqadtimir, Sarah Barqadtimir, ZamZam Jama, Fatima Hussein (Coach), Mahdi Abdi (Coach)

Front, left to right: Abdi Mukhtar (Youth Director Coyle), Amal Elmi, Badriya Issa, Fartun Jama


Longfellow wrestling

Longfellow (wrestling)

Front, left to right: Jackson Orr, Sam Braaten (standing behind), Sam Altamirano, Sam Weyandt, Jack Valentine, Noah Hines, Frank Bergen, Elliot Weyandt, Ryland Martine, Sean Altramirano

Back, left to right: Robert Harvey, Milo Bergan, Sergio Al Tramirano, Terry Wong (Coach, standing behind), Amarion Anderson, Owen Braaten, Brian Cornell


North Commons hockey

13U North Commons (open hockey)

Left to right: Dan Grabow, Shavale Hickman, Jakari Walker, Silas Pilon, Andy Zadlo, Chad Collins 

(Not pictured: Martin Loso, Coach)

Most Improved Players hockey

These athletes received Most Improved Hockey Player awards:

Left to right: Xereyna Larson of Squirts-Linden Hills Ice Cold Chili Peppers, Emma Puszcykowski of Polar Bears-Pearl, Nico Schaust of 13U Open-Pearl Blue, Shavale Hickman of 11U Open-North Commons Bulldogs, and Jakari Walker of 15U Open-North Commons Bulldogs


Most Improved Player winners

These athletes received Jordan Holt Most Improved Basketball Player awards:

Left to Right: Jayla Green-Waite Park, Julia Groff-Pearl Park, Ayden Moore-Pearl Park, Jackson Karn-Pearl Park, Greta Prem-Armatage-Kenny




Congratulations athletes, teams and coaches!