Draft Calhoun/Bde Maka Ska-Harriet Master Plan available for public review and comment

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) is seeking comments on a draft of the Calhoun/Bde Maka Ska-Harriet Master Plan. This document will create a 25-year vision for Lake Calhoun/Bde Maka Ska, Lake Harriet, and surrounding parkland within Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Regional Park.

The draft Master Plan is the result of 18 months of community-based planning and design. Public comments will be accepted until March 4, 2017.

The plan is available online on the Calhoun/Bde Maka Ska-Harriet Master Plan project page. Printed copies of the plan along with paper surveys will be available after Jan. 25 at each of the 13 recreation centers located in southwest Minneapolis, MPRB headquarters and the Walker, Linden Hills, and Washburn libraries. Community members may comment by filling out a brief online survey, a printed survey at one of the locations referenced above or by emailing or phoning the project manager listed below.

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At the conclusion of the open comment period, MPRB staff will catalog and categorize each public comment to assess its impact to plan. The comments will be taken into consideration by the Board of Commissioners when considering approval after a public hearing on the plan.

Once approved by the Board of Commissioners, the plan will be submitted to the Metropolitan Council for review and adoption. Future funding of capital improvements at the two lakes and surrounding parkland is contingent upon a Met Council adopted master plan.

The first round of improvements identified in the plan will begin in spring 2017.

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Deb Bartels
Project Manager
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board