Contracting Opportunities

RFP Computer Lab Technical Support Contract

The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB) is seeking a two year contract with vendor to supply computer lab technical support, training, and youth employment to 29 computer labs within the MPRB Recreation Centers. Technical Support Services to 29 MPRB Computer Labs:

  • Provide in-kind windows based computer operating system software for all of the computer centers
  • Perform on-site, technical support, optimization and troubleshooting services for all technical issues in the computer centers
  • Review internet history browsing of computer units and report any inappropriate sites to MPRB IT Department
  • Repair or replace all non-functioning computer units and devices
  • Properly dispose non-performing hardware to certified asset recovery & disposition organizations
  • Provide training to park staff and volunteers in computer centers
  • Coordinate with local electrical companies to perform low voltage services for existing computer centers
  • Seek and develop resources for computer centers
  • Coordinate the construction of all new computer centers
  • Communicate directly with MPRB Facility Specialists on the status of computer centers

Youth Employment & Work Readiness Program with MPRB Teen Teamworks:

  • Work in collaboration with MPRB Teen Teamworks program to provide the following:
  • Provide technical training and mentoring to youth interns employed in computer centers
  • Provide financial post-secondary scholarship support to all youth computer center interns who enroll in a post-secondary institutions or advanced IT certification programs
  • Report directly to MPRB Director of Recreation Centers and Programs in all matters concerning computer centers

Request for Proposals [PDF]

RFP Food and Beverage Concession Operator at Golf courses

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) is seeking a highly qualified operator (s) for the Golf Course Concession Food and Beverage operations at the following locations:

  • Theodore Wirth Golf Clubhouse Full Kitchen and Mobile Beverage Service
  • Gross Golf Course Clubhouse Full Kitchen and Mobile Beverage Service
  • Hiawatha Golf Clubhouse Full Kitchen and Mobile Beverage Service
  • Columbia Manor Clubhouse Full Kitchen and Mobile Beverage Service

Deadline is 12-14-2018 Golf Concession RFP [PDF]

RFP HVAC Multi-Site Assessment

The Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board (MPRB) is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking qualified firms to provide assessment and recommendations for HVAC systems at various facilities. The selected firm or firms will work directly with an assigned MPRB Project Manager (PM) for the duration of the contract. Specifically, the selected firm will:

  1. Review the HVAC Existing Equipment Summary (Attachment A) with MPRB Operations and Maintenance staff.
  2. Assess each site to comprehensively evaluate the facility HVAC assets and notate system diagram on plans. (Attachment C – Floor Plans)
  3. Provide report and recommendations for each facility Including:
    • Recommended schedule for replacing existing major equipment in kind.
    • Possible recommendations for more efficient whole system replacement.
    • Recommendation for adding air conditioning and / or dehumidification to each site.
    • Compile information into spreadsheet. Format to be determined by owner and consultant consensus (Attachment D – Sample Template)
  4. Visit and review existing facilities where controls and monitoring have been installed and develop best practice guidelines for future design and Installation.

RFP for HVAC Multi-Site Assessment [PDF]

ADDENDUM 1- MPRB HVAC Multi-Site Assessment [PDF]

RFP Northeast Ice Arena Concession Stand Operator

The Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board (MPRB) is seeking a qualified operator(s) for the Northeast Ice Arena concession stand. The facility consists of one full sized ice sheet operated during the months of September through March. The selected operator(s) will work directly with the Ice Arenas Manager for the duration of the contract.


The key concepts we would like to see incorporated in a proposal are:

  1. Maximize income to the arena
  2. Operate the concession stand at Northeast Ice Arena
  3. Furnish, operate and maintain concession stand equipment
  4. Agree upon products and price and align with current healthy food policy
  5. Understanding of how to merchandise products
  6. Order, accept delivery and put items away
  7. Hire, train, supervise staff in the concession stand with a minimum of 2 individuals each time it is open
  8. Provide daily and monthly detailed item specific sales reports to Ice Arenas Manager
  9. Monthly payment to the MPRB for a percentage of all gross receipts during the set term
  10. Provide reliable service to the public with hours that align with the peak hours of use
  11. Be open for games, tournaments, shows, competitions and other events that may become scheduled
  12. An environmentally friendly business approach
  13. An operator with integrity and commitment to the park system and facility customers
  14. An operator which will provide a service that is efficient, effective, excellent and equitable to facility patrons
  15. Operations take place between September and last ice rental in March

Request for Proposal Northeast Ice Arena Concession Stand Operator [PDF]

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