Teen Teamworks helps youth and young adults ages 14-24 acquire relevant job skills and perspective through hands-on MPRB project work and training. Youth receive supervised on-the-job training, work readiness sessions, educational services, and earn a bi-weekly paycheck.

Participants acquire knowledge and skills appropriate to specific careers and general work expectations related to promptness, commitment and persistence that can serve them in whatever career they may choose. Helping young teens gain appreciation for the connection between academic, social, judgment and job skills is an ongoing focus for Teen Teamworks.

Teen Teamworks Summer 2020 will begin on June 15 and end on August 14. Each bi-weekly payroll period will be two Monday and Wednesday work days or two Tuesday and Thursday work days. Youthworkers will be paid at the training wage of $11.30 per hour. Applications are now being accepted and are available at our recreation centers and online.

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Call 612-370-3916 or 612-370-3917 for Teen Teamworks information.

Youth gain appropriate work skills, decision making skills and communication skills through various work experiences offered at the Park Board. They are taught the importance of developing a good work ethic and personal skills such as being dependable and responsible, exhibiting good conduct, how to use constructive feedback and maintaining a positive attitude.

Urban Environmental Youthworker

9-week summer program

Crews of 8 to 10 members receive training and projects from Environmental Operations, Gardeners, Forestry, Recreation Specialists and Park Maintenance staff. These projects have a positive impact on our parks and lakes. Participants attend Earn While You Learn educational sessions as well as leadership training provided by our Youth Development department.

Recreation Center Individual Placements (IPs)

9-week summer program and 15-week school-year program

IP’s are requested by park staff to assist with many of the recreation center tasks. Participants monitor outdoor areas at the park including the playgrounds, wading pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, athletic fields, patio and picnic areas. They also assist in the supervision of various drop in recreational activities such as summer camps, crafts, gym games and lunch programs.

Maintenance Division Individual Placements (IPs)

9-week summer program

Youth 16 and older assist in the field with park maintenance crew leaders and park keepers. Participants are trained in the safe operation of all power equipment and hand tools. Participants work under the direct supervision of staff on tasks at parks, lakes, sports fields, etc.

Pop Up Parks

9-week summer program

The Pop-Up Park will pop-up in neighborhoods, festivals and events. Music, sports, games, crafts and excitement fill the tent offering teens safe and engaging activities during long summer days. Fun, caring, energetic and positive adult staff make sure the teens are welcomed and connected to all that is available for them in their neighborhood and at nearby recreation centers.

Power Crew

9-week summer program

Youth 16 and older assist in the field with landscaping projects that require the safe use of machinery. Participants are trained in the safe operation of all power equipment and hand tools. Participants work under the direct supervision of staff on tasks at parks, lakes, sports fields, etc.

Computer Lab Intern

9-week summer program and 15-week school-year program

Participants receive additional computer-based training from the Osiris Organization in technical support skills, Microsoft Office Suite applications using Google platform, and introduction to basic computer coding languages.  They use these skills to monitor, maintain and assist park users in the computer labs. Participants attend work readiness and customer service trainings provided by Teen Teamworks.

Youth Sports

9-week summer program and 15-week school-year program.

The MPRB Youth Sports Department provides positive recreation experiences for Minneapolis kids. These experiences help our youth develop new physical and social skills in a fun, participatory and safe environment under the guidance of knowledgeable and supportive coaches, helping to contribute to the individual’s physical, social, emotional, cultural and educational growth and development. Participants assist with record keeping and assist at youth sporting events.

Mississippi River Green Team

9-week summer program with additional monthly service-learning projects during the school year

Youth undertake an extensive recruitment process. Job coaches meet with participant’s families to ensure their continued support during the two-year commitment. Participants work closely with the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) to engage youth in stewardship activities on land adjacent to the Mississippi River, at sites that impact the Mississippi watershed, and at parks that offer opportunities for youth to learn new skills related to natural resource management.

Garden Crew

9-week summer program

The Garden Crew has the opportunity to learn skills from our Master Gardeners and Environmentalists.  Garden Crew youth participate in place-based educational lessons, activities, discussions and experiments intended to deepen their understanding in three main areas: Plant & Agricultural Science, Health & Wellness and Work & Life Skills.  Crews plant, maintain and harvest vegetable gardens at the JD River Gardens where they also use the skills they have developed to help educate younger youth.  Garden participants also engage in hands-on environmental education programs such as insect safaris, water quality education and macro-invertebrate surveys.

Earn While You Learn

Summer Program

Youth attend classroom sessions beginning the second week of the nine-week summer program.

Topics are selected based on comments past participants, as well as input from Minneapolis students and teachers during the school year. Using a variety of interactive teaching techniques, educational staff helps participants learn about appropriate work attitudes and behavior, sexual harassment, post-secondary educational options, career exploration, decision-making, conflict resolution skills, teen parenting, violence, and family issues.

All classes are developed to inspire communication and healthy debate during class.

Work Readiness Training

Year-round Internships

Teen Teamworks provides work readiness training that is open to all youth working or volunteering in any of the park facilities. Workshops are led by facilitators who are knowledgeable in their field.  Workshops are designed to promote 21st Century Skills as well as career development, financial literacy, communication and technology.

Each workshop is 1.5-2 hours, and participants receive a certificate of completion for each workshop they attend.

Outdoor Career Day

Since 2013, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) hosts an Annual Outdoor Career Day. This all-day mid- July event gives more than 100 youth the opportunity to learn about and participate in hands-on MPRB work experiences.

Outdoor Career Day begins at Wirth Pavilion where youth begin their day learning about careers at the MPRB and select a morning session. Workshops are led by full-time MPRB and Mississippi Watershed Management Operations staff. Specialists in Water Quality, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Education, Aquatics, Forestry and Maintenance will introduce themselves and their job, shared how they became interested in their career and what education/training is needed.

Lunch brings participants together to discuss their morning, learn about other career choices within the Agriculture and Natural Resources career pathway and choose their afternoon session. Youth also have the opportunity to participate in a Resource Fair hosted by Teen Teamworks and tabled by some of our Outdoor Career Pipeline committee members like the Conservation Corps, Department of Natural Resources, National Forest Service, the Green Corps and more.

Anyone interested in attending should contact Linda Tkaczik at 612-370-3916.

Now Accepting Applications

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s Youth Advisory Council

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Youth Advisory Council is a select group of youth leaders to guide and influence recreation programs, youth employment and athletic decisions. Selected members serve as leaders by learning to use various tools for surveys, outreach strategies and group facilitation.

MPRB is selecting 15 youth/young adults ages 16 – 21 to participate in a two-year paid commitment. Youth will participate in monthly Youth Advisory Council meetings as well in small groups of 5 in sub-committees on sports, youth employment and recreation programs. Youth will work an average of 5 to 12 hours per month, including evenings and some weekends.

Applications are due by January 17, 2020. A letter of recommendation from a teacher, mentor or coach is required, as well as a short essay on why you want to serve on the MPRB youth advisory council.

Youth Council Application Form [PDF]