What is Fee Assistance?

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Fee Assistance Program assists Minneapolis residents when financial limitations occur. Eligibility for the program is determined by meeting the current Income Guidelines, completing an application and providing additional documentation as outlined below. Fee assistance is for the instructional portion of fees only and not for supplies, extra fees, or admission costs for field trips.

Who Can Apply for Fee Assistance?

City of Minneapolis residents who provide proof of residence are eligible for the Recreation Fee Assistance Program.

What Are the Steps to Apply?

  1. Before registering for a program, visit a Minneapolis Recreation Center and ask to speak with someone about fee assistance.
  2. Complete a Recreation Fee Assistance Program Application available at any MPRB facility and provide documentation as outlined below.
  3. Return your completed Application and required documentation to the location where the class is offered.
  4. Once you receive notice of your approved application, register for the class in person at your Recreation Center.

Incomplete applications and documentation cannot be processed until we’ve received all completed forms and documentation.

What Kind of Documentation is Needed?

In addition to your completed application, the following documentation is needed: City of Minneapolis proof of residency. AND one of the below:

  • A copy of the two most recent pay stubs of all income earners in your household with Social Security numbers blocked out.
  • A copy of your previous year’s federal tax returns with Social Security numbers blocked out.
  • If you have no income and do not file income taxes, attach a brief note explaining that you have no income.

When Will I Know if I am Accepted?

Eligibility will be determined and verified to you within 10 business days of receipt of your application by phone, email or mail. Submittal of an application is not confirmation of fee assistance or course registration. You will be notified by phone, email or mail if there is additional information required to process your request. Inquiries about your fee assistance application or registration forms should be directed at the Recreation Center where you submitted the forms.

Will All of my Information be Kept Confidential?

All information submitted to the Fee Assistance Program for the purpose of eligibility determination is confidential.

How Long Can I Use the Assistance if I am Approved?

Fee assistance is good for the calendar year applied for. You must reapply every calendar year. This fee assistance is non-transferable.

Payment Information

If accepted into the Fee Assistance Program, you will need to pay the discounted fee at the time of registration of activity. If for any reason your account becomes delinquent your fee assistance will be forfeited.

Income Eligibility Guidelines

Full leadership fee waiver

Half leadership fee waiver

Family Unit Max Income Family Unit Max Income
1 $12,760 1 $19,140
2 $17,240 2 $25,860
3 $21,720 3 $32,580
4 $26,200 4 $39,300
5 $30,680 5 $46,020
6 $35,160 6 $52,740
7 $39,640 7 $59,460
8 $44,120 8 $66,180
For each additional person, add $4,480 For each additional person, add $6,720

For more information call Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Customer Service at 612-230-6400.