Our Mission

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board shall permanently preserve, protect, maintain, improve, and enhance its natural resources, parkland, and recreational opportunities for current and future generations.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board exists to provide places and recreation opportunities for all people to gather, celebrate, contemplate, and engage in activities that promote health, well-being, community, and the environment.

View Our Comprehensive Plan 2007-2020 [PDF]

Help create a new Comprehensive Plan

The MPRB is in the process of creating a new Comprehensive Plan that will replace the current one when it expires in 2020. Please visit the Parks for All: MPRB Comprehensive Plan project page for the latest news.

Vision Statement

Our vision statement and the four vision themes will guide future development, operations, and maintenance of the Minneapolis Park System into 2020.

In 2020, the Minneapolis Park System is a premier destination that welcomes and captivates residents and visitors. The Park System and its beauty are part of daily life and shape the character of Minneapolis. Natural, cultural, artistic, historical, and recreational resources cultivate outstanding experiences, health, enjoyment, fun, and learning for all people. The Park System is sustainable, well-maintained and safe, and meets the needs of individuals, families, and communities. The focus on preserving land continues, with a strong emphasis on connecting people to the land and each other. Aware of its value to their lives, residents are proud stewards and supporters of an extraordinary park and recreation system.

As a renowned and award winning park and recreation system, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board delivers:

Vision Theme 1

Urban forests, natural areas, and waters that endure and captivate


Sound management techniques provide healthy, diverse, and sustainable natural resources.

Healthy boulevard trees connect all city residents to their park system.

Residents and visitors enjoy and understand the natural environment.

People and the environment benefit from the expansion and protection of natural resources.

Knowledgeable stewards and partners generously support the system’s natural resources.

Vision Theme 2

Recreation that inspires personal growth, healthy lifestyles, and a sense of community


People play, learn, and develop a greater capacity to enjoy life.

Residents, visitors, and workers enjoy opportunities to improve health and fitness.

People connect through parks and recreation.

Volunteers make a vital difference to people, parks, and the community.

Parks provide a center for community living.

Vision Theme 3

Dynamic parks that shape city character and meet diverse community needs


Parks shape an evolving city.

Park facility renewal and development respects history and focuses on sustainability, accessibility, flexibility, and beauty.

Focused land management supports current and future generations.

Financially independent and sustainable parks prosper.

Through outreach and research, park and recreation services are relevant today and tomorrow.

Easily accessible information supports enjoyment and use of the park and recreation system.

Vision Theme 4

A safe place to play, celebrate, contemplate, and recreate


Positive recreation experiences and welcoming parks prevent crime.

Residents, park visitors, and staff make safe choices in the parks.

Intervention and communication reduces safety concerns.

Parks are safe and welcoming by design.

Communities, public and private partners, and staff cooperate to promote safety.


We apply the following values to all of our work:

Meet current park and recreation needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs by balancing environmental, economic, and equity concerns.

Visionary Leadership
Respect the vision and leadership that built the park and recreation system and recognize the need for ongoing leadership in achieving excellence.

Work safely to support a thriving work environment and an outstanding park experience for visitors.

Responsiveness and Innovation
Anticipate and thoughtfully respond to the diverse needs of the city’s communities, continually seeking ways to better deliver park and recreation services.

Independence and Focus
Independence allows the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to focus on providing and obtaining the resources necessary to accomplish its mission and form effective, responsible partnerships.

We consider the following principles when making decisions that have a district or system-wide impact:

Identified Community Need and Demographics
Emphasis will be placed on researching community needs and demographics when considering program and facility delivery.

Quality versus Quantity
The amenities provided to meet the park and recreation needs of communities will be high quality and provided at a sustainable level. Amenities that have completed their useful life-cycle, especially those with a blighted appearance, will be removed and, as funding becomes available, replaced with new amenities.

Embracing Technology
Decision-making will embrace technology to better serve the community.

Fostering a New Face for Partnerships
Non-traditional partners that provide new opportunities for residents and are consistent with the organization’s mission will be encouraged.

Focusing on the Activity, Then the Infrastructure
After evaluation of what the Park Board currently provides, the status of other service providers, and existing infrastructure, infrastructure will be provided to meet the service goals for that activity. Service goals for an activity will be based on demographics of an area, identified community need, and the identified target audience for the activity.

Sustainable Rate
A sustainable park system will be supported by decisions that provide services at a sustainable rate, such as providing infrastructure that can be reasonably maintained, setting realistic program and service delivery targets, or modifying land management techniques to increase efficiency.