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Phone: 612-230-6400
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Superintendent's Office

Jayne Miller, Superintendent
Phone: 612-230-6404

Communications and Marketing Department:

Dawn Sommers, Communications and Marketing Director
Phone: 612-230-6407

General Marketing/Website Questions
Phone: 612-230-6465

Park Police Department:

Jason Ohotto, Park Safety and Security Director
Phone: 612-230-6564

Non-Emergency Dispatch
Phone: 612-348-2345

Park Police Desk
Phone: 612-230-6550

Environmental Stewardship

Jeremy Barrick, Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 612-230-6408

Environmental Management: Deb Pilger, Director
Phone: 612-313-7728

Environmental Education Questions
Phone: 612-313-7784

Environmental Volunteer Questions
Phone: 612-313-7778

Forestry: Ralph Sievert, Director
Phone: 612-313-7735

General Forestry Questions
Phone: 612-313-7710

Asset Management: Lisa Beck, Director
Phone: 612-313-7717

General Maintenance Questions
Phone: 612-230-6400

General Water Resources Questions

Planning Services

Michael Schroeder, Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 612-230-6467

Design and Project Management: Cliff Swenson, Director
Phone: 612-230-6473

Strategic Planning: Adam Arvidson, Director
Phone: 612-230-6470

General Planning Questions
Phone: 612-230-6472

Deputy Superintendent's Office

Deputy Superintendent's Office

Jennifer B. Ringold, Deputy Superintendent
Phone: 612-230-6464

Customer Service: Annie Olson, Director
Phone: 612-230-6402

Permits: Shane Stenzel, Manager
Phone: 612-230-6441

Finance: Juli Wiseman, Director
Phone: 612-230-6422

General Finance Questions
Phone: 612-230-6428

General Human Resources Questions
Phone: 612-230-6431

Information Technology: Adam Larson, Director
Phone: 612-230-6451

Information Technology Resource Center
Phone: 612-230-6450

Community Outreach: Corky Wiseman, Director
Phone: 612-230-6483

Community Engagement: Michelle Kellogg, Manager
Phone: 612-499-9062

Community Outreach Events: Tom Godfrey, Supervisor
Phone: 612-230-6484

Recreation Services

Tyrize Cox, Assistant Superintendent

Athletic Programs and Aquatics: Mimi Kalb, Director
Phone: 612-230-6482

Golf Programs: Matt Just, Director
Phone: 612-230-6480

Youth Development: Heidi Pope, Director
Phone: 612-230-6474

Recreation Centers and Programs: Larry Umphrey, Director

Recreation Centers and Programs: Jamie Neldner, Assistant Director
Phone: 612-230-6533

Recreation Service Area Managers

Indoor Rentals

Don't let the cold weather keep you in your home. Host your birthday party, baby or wedding shower, seminar, corporate meeting, holiday celebration or any other special event at a recreation center.

Annual Patron Parking Permit

Get 12 months of easy parking at our most popular regional parks!