Commissioner Vreeland

District: 3 View Map [PDF]

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Mailing Address

2117 West River Road N
Minneapolis, MN 55411


Phone: 612-721-7892

Park-Related Appointments

  • St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board
  • Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
  • Minneapolis Tree Advisory Committee
  • Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership
  • Planning Commission (two-year term)

Previous Terms

  • 2010-2013
  • 2006-2009


I have been a teacher of kindergarten kids and college students, an actor, a community organizer and neighborhood leader. Joined the In the Heart of The Beast- Circle of Water Circus- for tours down the Mississippi River and to Sweden and Denmark.


I am honored to be a part of this great park system. In 1896 Park Commissioners led the procession of hundreds of school children moving the historic Stevens House to Minnehaha Park. They held a banner that said," Let's Make Our Whole City a Work of Art." I would like to continue that effort and work towards the realization of the Mission of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.


Played a dog in a locally produced film called "Heroes." Old enough to have planted seeds of now towering trees. Won first prize at my high school district science fair for research on whether hamsters are colorblind. Past President of the Seward and Cedar Riverside neighborhood organizations.

Special Interest

Taking my solar/battery powered canoe on the Mississippi River and promoting alternative transportation, stormwater water quality education, local history and native plant restoration.

Career Highlights

I was a construction foreman and lead carpenter and have built the holiday and flower show exhibits at what is now Macy's 8th Floor Auditorium.


Graduated from the University of New York at Plattsburg with degrees in Theater and Education. Three years of graduate work in Anthropology and Higher Education at the University of Minnesota.


Married with two grown children, very proud grandfather and babysitter.

About the Board

In 1883, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board was created by an act of the Minnesota State Legislature and a vote of Minneapolis residents. It serves as an independently elected, semi-autonomous body responsible for governing, maintaining, and developing the Minneapolis Park System.

City of Minneapolis voters elect nine commissioners every four years: one from each of the six park districts, and three that serve at-large. View District Map [PDF]

Board Appointments

An annual meeting of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board takes place on the first business day in January of each year. The following business is conducted:

  • The Board elects two Commissioners as President and Vice-President and appoints a Secretary who is not a member of the Board.
  • Whenever a vacancy occurs in the office of an elected Commissioner, the Board fills that vacancy, usually through appointment.
  • The President appoints Commissioners to serve on Standing Committees of the Board. Each Committee has five Board members (including the Chair of the Committee), with the Chair of the Committee named first. Standing Committees include:
    • Planning
    • Recreation
    • Operations and Environment
    • Administration and Finance
    • Legislation and Inter-Governmental
    • Standards and Conduct

Roles & Responsibilities

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board performs its many duties through the contributions of elected Commissioners and the leadership of the Superintendent. Their actions are guided according to the following roles and responsibilities.


  • Develop park policies
  • Enact ordinances governing the use of neighborhood and regional parks, parkways, beaches and lakes, and special use facilities such as pools, ice arenas and golf courses
  • Appoint the Superintendent

Board Rules [PDF]

Parks & Neighborhoods


Cedar Riverside




East Phillips



Midtown Phillips

Phillips West

Powderhorn Park


Ventura Village