The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

In 1883, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board was created by an act of the Minnesota State Legislature and a vote of Minneapolis residents. It serves as an independently elected, semi-autonomous body responsible for governing, maintaining, and developing the Minneapolis Park System.

City of Minneapolis voters elect nine commissioners every four years: one from each of the six park districts, and three that serve at-large. View District Map [PDF]

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Superintendent’s Office

Leadership, vision, direction

The Superintendent is appointed by the Board of Commissioners and provides leadership, vision and direction to the Park Board’s service areas, and implements Board policy. The Superintendent works with the Board and leadership staff to craft strategic and financial planning objectives.

The Superintendent provides leadership to a staff of approximately 550 full-time and 1,150 temporary employees, oversees an annual operating and capital budget of more than $100 million, and serves as an ambassador to the community and other governmental agencies.

The Superintendent’s Office is responsible for the executive management of the highly diverse services and operations of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. The Superintendent’s Office oversees the Park Police and Communications and Marketing departments.

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Deputy Superintendent’s Office

Supporting organization service delivery

The Deputy Superintendent’s Office provides support to the Superintendent and Board of Commissioners. The Deputy Superintendent provides strategic focus and leads performance management efforts. The Deputy Superintendent’s Office oversees customer service; finance; human resources;information technologies; and risk management.

Environmental Stewardship

Caring for the system

Environmental Stewardship provides expertise for the care and maintenance of the park system. The division oversees the maintenance of the Minneapolis Park system’s physical infrastructure; equipment and fleet; natural areas and water resources; forestry; volunteer coordination; and environmental education.

Planning Services

Developing the system

Planning Services provides expertise to lead, advise and guide the development and redevelopment of the Minneapolis Park system. The division oversees park system research and analysis, community engagement for park planning and design, park master planning, real estate services, design and engineering, physical development and redevelopment, and construction permitting.

Recreation Services

Providing visitor activities

Recreation Services provides expertise to lead, provide and create affordable recreational, cultural, educational, and leisure opportunities to benefit and enhance the lives of all Minneapolis residents. The division oversees recreation facility operations, including recreation centers, golf courses, aquatic facilities and beaches, ice arenas, cross-country skiing venues, and the Wirth Winter Recreation Area; recreation, education, and interpretive programming; and athletic fields and complexes.

Organizational Structure