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Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Annual Patron Parking Permit

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Annual Patron Parking Permit

The Annual Patron Parking Permit offers 12 months of easy parking at regional parks in Minneapolis. Permit holders enjoy parking privileges in specially designated parking spaces at some of the park system's most popular regional parks.

One of our most popular areas to visit is Minnehaha Park. There are many attractions and wonderful views, including the famous Minnehaha Falls! Several parking lots are reserved exclusively for Annual Patron Parking Permit Holders, such as the Longfellow House, 50th Street, 52nd Street, and 53rd Street parking lots.

A parking permit is a great way to support MPRB programs and facilities, and makes a great gift for family and friends! The permit features a photo submitted as part of the Picture a Park Photo Contest.

Parking Permit Information: English | Spanish | Somali | Hmong

Annual Patron Parking Permit Fees

For an annual fee you may park as often as you'd like for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Do you have multiple cars in your household? Purchase a second permit at a discounted rate when purchased at the same time. We also offer special rates for seniors (62+).

First Permit: $35     First Permit (Seniors): $30
Second Permit: $20   Second Permit (Seniors): $15
Second Permit: $20 if purchased later     Second Permit (Seniors): $15 if purchased later

Replacement Permit Information

  • Replacement permits will expire the same month as your original purchase.
  • Original permit must be returned to the MPRB Customer Service with replacement fee.

Replacement Permit: $20 fee
Replacement Permit (Seniors): $15 fee

Online: Click to Purchase Your Annual Parking Permit Online
A temporary 10-day pass will be issued immediately, and your window sticker permit will be mailed within 10 days.

Mail: Click to Print the Annual Parking Permit Application and mail to:
Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, 2117 West River Road, Minneapolis, MN 55411
Permit will be mailed within 10 days.

In Person: Buy a Parking Permit at the MPRB Customer Service Desk, 2117 West River Road, Minneapolis MN 55411, or visit:

  • Concessions at Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet during the operating season.

Phone: Call Customer Service at 612-230-6400 - 8:00 am-4:30 pm weekdays. Permit will be mailed within 10 days.

Permit is not transferable and is valid only when affixed to the inside lower right corner of the windshield (passenger side) by its own adhesive.

If you need a replacement permit due to windshield replacement or sale of vehicle, peel off your old permit and send to: Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, 2117 West River Road N, Minneapolis, MN 55411, along with payment of $20 for the replacement fee.

Pay and Display Parking Lots

You may park in any space at our Pay and Display Parking Lots.

  1. Park your car and locate the nearest pay station.
  2. Select the desired amount of parking time, and follow the instructions on the pay machine to pay by coin, bill or credit/debit card.
  3. Place your valid receipt on the vehicle dashboard so that it’s visible to patrol officers.

Annual Patron Parking Permits are valid only in reserved spaces at Nicollet Island, East River Flats, and Bohemian Flats parking lots. If these spaces are occupied by other Patron Parking Permit Holders, payment is required.

Patron Permit holders may park in designated spaces in the following Pay Parking Lots without charge:

Boom Island   Lake Harriet Rose Garden   Minnehaha 52nd Street Lot
Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden Lot   Lake Nokomis   Minnehaha 53rd Street Lot
Lake Calhoun North Beach   Minnehaha Park Main Lot   East River Flats: 4 reserved spots, 2-hour limit
Lake Calhoun Thomas Beach   Minnehaha 46th Avenue Lot   Bohemian Flats: 4 reserved spots, 2 hour limit
Lake Calhoun Richfield Road Parking Lot   Minnehaha Dog Park   Nicollet Island Pavilion: 3 reserved spots, 2 hour limit
Lake Harriet Bandshell   Minnehaha Park Longfellow House    
Lake Harriet Boat Launch   Minnehaha 50th Street Lot    

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Bus Parking at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

A parking permit is required for a bus to park at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Please fill out the Bus Parking Permit Application to inquire about a permit.

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Individual Metered Lots

Spaces in pay parking lots are available on a first-come, first-served basis at various parks and attractions throughout the system. Prices range from 75 cents to $1.50 per hour.

Cedar Lake and 21st Street Lot   Lake Calhoun and 36th Street Lot   Lake Nokomis North Lot   Minnehaha Park North Lot
Cedar Lake and 25th Street Lot   Lake Harriet and 46th Street (Beard's Plaisance)   Wirth Quaking Bog Lot    

Spaces without meters in these lots may be used free of charge with a valid Annual Patron Parking Permit. Annual Patron Parking Permit Holders must pay when parking in spots with individual space meters.

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On Street Parking Meters

parking pay station coin parking meters

On street parking meters are located on Minnehaha Parkway, Minnehaha Avenue, East River Road, West River Road, Dean Parkway and Main Street. On street meters are enforced 365 days a year. Prices range from 75 cents to $1.50 per hour.

  • Some street meters only accept coins while others accept coins and credit/debit cards.
  • Anyone can park at any on street meter.
  • Annual Patron Parking Permit Holders must pay for on street parking.
  • Please read the information posted on the parking meters carefully as some street meters have a time limit.
  • Some vehicles/objects may require additional permits from the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board. Examples: buses, limos, dumpsters and/or carriages
    Parkway Use Page

Meter Hooding Permit Application

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Disability Parking

Vehicles displaying disability parking certificates do not need to pay meters or pay and display lots.

Event Parking

At times MPRB parking lots are closed due to special events and sporting events.

Click to view East River Flats event parking information for University of Minnesota Gopher football games.

Free Parking Throughout the Park System

All Recreation Center lots are free to the public. In addition:

  • Limited parking spaces are available in the bump outs and pull-off spaces located along the parkways.
  • Free parking lots are also available in many areas throughout the parkway system. Pay parking lots are signed. Free Parking lots are not signed.

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Administrative Tickets for Parking Violations

Pay a Parking Ticket Online

The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB) issues administrative tickets for parking violations. The ticketing system improves customer service and collection of parking fine revenues. Instead of issuing a Hennepin County parking citation, Park Police will issue a $40 administrative ticket. The administrative ticket allows the MPRB to work directly with park customers rather than sending them to Hennepin County Court. The MPRB is able to better confirm and/or resolve any issues related to the ticket, such as broken meters or signage problems.

For questions about the administrative ticket, call 612-230-6400 or email

Complete and return this form to contest a ticket.

The following MPRB parking violations are listed in the MPRB Ordinance. If recipients of the administrative ticket do not resolve the ticket within 30 days, the fee owed will be turned over to a collections agency. In the event that it is turned over to collections, an additional collection fee will be added to the original fine.

Parking Violations


Parking/stopping with vehicle’s left side to curb  

$ 40

Double parking

$ 40

Parking between midnight and 6 a.m.

$ 40

Parking in excess of six hours

$ 40

Blocking crosswalks

$ 40

Parking in park, parkway, drive or near alley

$ 40

Parking in no-parking zone

$ 40

Parking in limited-parking zone

$ 40

Parking in taxi stands

$ 40

Parking in truck loading zones

$ 40

Pickup/discharge facing against traffic

$ 40

Parking on park property

$ 40

Parking in “pay parking area” without paying

$ 40

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