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Caring for Our Parks
Trees & the Urban Forest
Lakes & Water Resources
Gardens & Natural Areas
Grounds & Facilities Maintenance
Park Police & Public Safety
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Caring for Our Parks

Our beautiful parks, recreation centers and amenities are carefully enhanced and maintained through the concerted efforts of MPRB staff and community volunteers. Maintenance and environmentally-proactive efforts encompass trees, lakes, gardens, buildings, equipment, pathways, trails, parkways, public safety and much more.

Trees & the Urban ForestTrees & the Urban Forest
Trees in parks and along city boulevards are assets to our urban forest and are what make Minneapolis a Tree City. Our Forestry Division oversees care for these trees with the help of residents who are relied upon to water new trees. Learn about tree care; the process required for tree plantings and removal; how you can help maintain trees; and threats to our urban forest.
Lakes & Water ResourcesLakes & Water Resources
Minneapolis parks are enhanced by many lakes, streams and wetlands. The MPRB is dedicated to preserving these priceless natural resources through control of invasive aquatic plants, participation in cooperative watershed efforts; management of a variety of water quality programs; and community education.
Gardens & Natural AreasGardens & Natural Areas
The Minneapolis park system showcases a variety of gardens and natural areas that are maintained by operations staff for visitors to enjoy.  People with a passion for gardening and the environment can assist by participating in volunteer opportunities held in these special places.
Grounds & Facilities MaintenanceGrounds & Facilities Maintenance
A well-maintained park system increases the ability of our visitors to relax and enjoy their time at our parks and recreation centers. The MPRB oversees a comprehensive program of maintenance, from lawn mowing and snow removal to pest management and cleaning wading pools, to ensure a well-functioning, aesthetically-pleasing and safe experience for our visitors.

Sustainability Sustainability
The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board sees sustainability as not just a high priority, but an ongoing commitment. As identified by the 2007-2020 Comprehensive Plan, sustainability is one of five core organizational values upon which the MPRB performs it work.
Public SafetyPublic Safety
Your safety is our concern. Our Park Police patrol on foot, on bicycles and motorcycles and in vehicles with your safety their primary goal. They focus their efforts on the prevention of crime, accidents on park property, and non-law enforcement assistance to park visitors in need.
Events Go Green Events Go Green
The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board now offers Green Certification for events that want to adopt sustainable practices.

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