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POSTED: Monday, August 19, 2013
Trail Improvements at Brownie Lake, Dean Parkway, Cedar Lake, and Lake Calhoun
Plan ahead – Use alternate routes to avoid delays and accidents
Trail Closures Map

The off-street trails along Brownie Lake, the west side of Cedar Lake, Dean Parkway, and Lake Calhoun will be reconstructed August 5 - October 31, 2013. It is especially important for commuters–both cyclists and motorists–to plan ahead in order to avoid delays and accidents in this high-traffic section of the Grand Rounds. During the three-month construction period, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) encourages pedestrians, recreational and commuter cyclists, as well as motorists to be aware of the upcoming trail closures and detours and to plan their routes accordingly.

Detours and Alternate Routes: Recreational and commuting bicyclists are encouraged to use regional trails in the area to avoid the construction zone. These trails include Midtown Greenway, Kenilworth Trail, and the Cedar Lake Regional Trail.

Trail Closure Dates: (Click on maps to enlarge)

August 5 - October 31: Brownie Lake Bicycle Trail

Share the Trail – Bicycles Yield to Pedestrians!

The bicycle trail reconstruction on the west side of the parkway will be detoured to the sidewalk on the east side of the parkway. Metro Transit stops for Route 9 will be closed or relocated – Brownie Lake Maprefer to

Brownie Lake

The bicycle trail on west side of parkway will be closed from the south end of I-394 to the north end of the Cedar Lake Parkway Bridge.

On the east side of the parkway: sidewalks at intersections just north and south of I-394 will be closed for the construction of new pedestrian ramps.

For more information about the project, visit

September 3 – October 31: Dean Parkway Trails and Trails at Point Beach on the west side of Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake

Point Beach Parking Lot on the west side of Cedar Lake will be reconstructed and the bike trail realigned along the parkway. The bicycle and pedestrian trails along the west Cedar Lake Mapside of Cedar Lake from Kenilworth Trail to Cedar Lake Regional Trail will be impacted. Pedestrians will be routed onto the bicycle trail south of the parking lot area. Look for posted sidewalk detours into the neighborhood between 22nd St. W and Franklin Ave W.

Due to Point Beach Parking lot construction, cyclists are encouraged to bypass this area by using the Kenilworth Trail and Cedar Lake Regional Trail along the north side of Cedar Lake.

Dean Parkway

Off-street trails and walks from Lake Street north to West Lake of the Isles Parkway and west along Cedar Lake Parkway to the Kenilworth Trail will be reconstructed. (Sidewalks in front of homes in the construction area will remain open; detours will be posted). Metro Transit stop for Route 25 at Lake Street and Dean Parkway will be closed or relocated – refer to

  • Dean Parkway at Cedar Lake Parkway*
    • Intersection of Cedar Lake Parkway and Dean Parkway
      Dean Parkway Map Construction 9/3-10/4. Intersection to remain open at all times. Expect traffic delays.
    • Cedar Lake Parkway hill from Dean Parkway to the Kenilworth
      Construction 9/3-10/31. Lanes will be narrowed to construct off-street bicycle trail on north side of roadbed. On-street bike lanes will be eliminated.
  • Dean Parkway at Dean Parkway*
    • Intersection of Dean Parkway and Dean Parkway
      Construction 9/3-10/4. Driveways on east side of Dean Parkway will be replaced. One half of road to remain open at all times. Expect traffic delays.
    • Walk on east side of Dean Parkway under Midtown Greenway Bridge
      Closed for construction 9/3-10/4.
    • Midtown Greenway Ramp to Dean Parkway
      Closed for trail work at the base of the ramp starting 9/3.
*Twin Cities Marathon - October 6
Construction at key intersections–both Dean Parkway at Dean Parkway and Cedar Lake Parkway at Dean Parkway–will be completed in time for the Twin Cities Marathon.

September TBD* Lake Calhoun Bicycle Trails

Lake Calhoun Map

Lake Calhoun

*After Labor Day, for a period of approximately one week, segments of the off-street bicycle and pedestrian trails around Lake Calhoun will be resurfaced. Trail users will be redirected to adjacent trails as appropriate. Construction dates to be determined.


Questions from the public:
Deborah Bartels, Project Manager, Planning
Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Questions from media:
Dawn Sommers, Communications & Marketing Manager
Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board
Office: 612-230-6407


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