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Theodore Wirth Off-Road Cycling Trail
  Map Location  

Theodore Wirth Parkway and Olson Memorial Highway
Minneapolis, MN 55411



The natural surface bike trails within Theodore Wirth Park are open to cyclists, hikers and snowshoers.

View trail map and guide.

Three main off-road cycling areas within Theodore Wirth Park:

  • Back 40 Loop: Approximately 3.5 miles of single track, .5 miles of which are expert
  • South Loop: Approximately .66 miles of single track
  • Glenwood Spur: Just short of a one-mile loop

The trails are closed to all users when the trail is wet. If you leave tire tracks or footprints in the wet trail tread, the trail is closed.

View trail conditions on the MORC user forum.

Access to the Trails
The Back 40 Loop is accessible off of the Luce Line Trail that runs easterly from Theodore Wirth Parkway, just south of the Wirth Par Three Club House.

The South Loop is accessible from two locations, Theodore Wirth Parkway, just south of the railroad track bridge, and from the south near Olson Memorial Highway.

The Glenwood Spur is accessible from the NW corner of the Theodore Wirth Parkway and Glenwood Ave and off the parkway’s paved trail .25 miles further north.

Parking is available at Wirth Lake Beach.

MOCA volunteers monitor and maintain the off-road cycling trail. Visit MOCA for volunteer information.

About the Off-Road Cycling Trail
The MPRB is dedicated to using the latest techniques for building fun, long-lasting, sustainable trails. Sustainable natural surface trails are constructed from native soils and come in the form of walking paths, running paths, nature trails, and mountain bike trails.

The natural surface trails within Theodore Wirth Park officially opened in 2005 as a sanctioned facility in the Minneapolis Park System. 

The trail was originally a demonstration project to prove the sustainability of off-road trails in the system. The project demonstrated that a sustainable, safe, and low-maintenance trail can protect natural resources, challenge off-road cyclists, and be compatible with other park uses. 

The trail was developed according to the best practices of MOCA (Minneapolis Off-Road Cycling Advocates) and MORC (Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists). The partnership between these two groups and the Park Board is essential to the long life of the existing trails and the creation of new trails.

Historical Profile: More information about this and other parks is included in Parks, Lakes, Trails and So Much More, a richly detailed account of the histories of Minneapolis’ renowned recreational system. (See Theodore Wirth Park section.)

Penalty for Building Unofficial Trails
Construction permits are required by the MPRB for any projects within the park system, including trail building. MOCA obtained a construction permit, and the trails it constructed in accordance with the permit are sustainable and meet the MPRB’s risk management considerations. Engaging in construction within the park system, i.e., building unofficial trails can result in a $1,000 fine per incident.

This facility is located in: Theodore Wirth Park

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