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Wood Chips
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Wood Chips

About Wood Chips

The Forestry Department has established neighborhood wood chip (mulch) piles where wood chips from from Forestry pruning efforts are available free of charge for homeowner use as landscaping material. The MPRB wood chip piles are placed in accessible locations and replenished when supplies are available.

In the past few years, the Forestry Department has purchased equipment that has both increased the efficiency and safety of its arborists. The equipment also greatly decreased the volume of wood chips created by the MPRB.

Wood chips are generated on a seasonal basis, therefore it is not possible to guarantee that a supply will always be available. Also, trees downed by storms are typically processed at an off-site location and do not increase the amount of wood chips available.

Using wood chips that come from diseased elm trees is perfectly safe and does not spread Dutch Elm Disease. However, wood chips are not generated from ash trees pruned by MPRB Forestry crews, as they may spread Emerald Ash Borer.

Wood chips are not delivered to residences because of the potential for damage to private property and because the trucks that are used to collect and haul the material are large, making it difficult to maneuver in alleys and driveways.

Accordingly, wood chips will only be available at the Park Board’s wood chip mulch distribution sites on a very infrequent, sporadic basis.

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