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Urban Agriculture Plan
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Urban Agriculture Plan
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Urban Agriculture Plan
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Urban Agriculture Activity Plan

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The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) has developed a draft plan to support urban agriculture within the park system. This plan will guide the MPRB in defining and prioritizing community needs, recommends service delivery goals and strategies, and guide allocation of resources to support these activities within the neighborhood and regional parks.

Project Phase
Current Activity
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Project Phase

The public comment period for the draft MPRB Urban Agriculture Activity Plan is now closed.

Staff and advisory committees are working to analyze and revise the draft Urban Agriculture activity plan in response to feedback provided during the public comment period.

A final and revised plan will be presented during a public hearing before the Board of Commissioners in spring 2014.

View more information on Board meeting schedules and agendas.

Current Activity

Thank you to the estimated 1,500 residents and park users who reviewed and provided feedback on the draft activity plan in November and December 2013.

The MPRB appreciates everyone's thoughtful comments, ideas, personal time, shared resources and volunteer research. Your comments are part of the public record and will be considered for incorporation into the final plan.

A task force of staff and volunteers completed an extensive outreach effort to directly connect with community members during this period, raising awareness and asking for review and comment on the draft plan.

This task force work resulted in over 100 survey responses, written and online comments, formal comment letters, responses to presentation boards, and a significant amount of direct conversation.

Written comment received on the draft plan is posted here:

Contact Information

Contact Ginger Cannon, MPRB Planning at 612-230-6413 or


Increasing numbers of Minneapolis residents are actively engaged in various urban agriculture activities, and interest in farmers markets, community supported agriculture, and local food production has steadily increased in this decade. The Board of Commissioners recognizes the many benefits of a sustainable, urban food system and has supported community gardening activities since 2002 by resolution.

Supporting urban agriculture aligns with the MPRB's mission, values, and vision for the future. The MRPB Comprehensive Plan states that park facility renewal and development is to respect history and focus on sustainability, accessibility, flexibility, and beauty.

Sustainability is a core value of the MPRB, and supporting urban agriculture is one component of improved sustainability. The MPRB seeks to develop a plan that explores opportunities to partner with others, efficiently utilize MPRB resources, and align delivery of services with the needs of Minneapolis residents and park users.


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