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Minneapolis Heritage Tree Program
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Minneapolis Heritage Tree Program

The Minneapolis Heritage Tree Program seeks to locate and give official recognition to the most significant trees within the city of Minneapolis or Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB) property. Nominations are received and verified each year by the MPRB Forestry Division.

Trees can qualify for recognition in any of the following categories:

  • Champion Size: Trees that are the largest of their species
  • Significant Size: Trees worthy of recognition for size, but not the largest of their species
  • Historically/Culturally Significant: Trees specifically associated with historical dates, events, people and city landmarks
Click on the image to view the Minneapolis Heritage Trees map!
Minneapolis Heritage Tree Map & List

The Judging Process
Nominated trees are examined and approved by staff from the MPRB Forestry Division. Nominations will be certified for addition to the official heritage tree list according to methods established by the Minnesota State Horticultural Society and American Forests.  Heritage trees will be measured by height, circumference and crown spread. Measurement information can be found on the American Forests’ Measuring Guide. Minneapolis Tree Advisory Commission members will review and approve nominated trees for the Historical/Cultural Significance designation.

At times champion heritage trees are removed or damaged (e.g. the tornado of 1981 which destroyed the city's champion ginkgo and green ash). When larger trees are discovered they may take the place of currently listed champion trees. A list is kept of all nominated trees for future consideration.

Minneapolis Heritage Tree List

Online Nomination Form

Printable Nomination Form

For more information, call MPRB Forestry, 612-370-4900 or e-mail


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