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Capital Improvement Program
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Capital Improvement Program
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Capital Improvement Program

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) prioritizes the replacement and repair of its facilities or amenities through a Capital Improvement Program (CIP). A CIP is a prioritized list of infrastructure improvements that guides long-term investment and rehabilitation in the park system. In late 2008, the MPRB began developing a new CIP for the Minneapolis park system. Over time this will include several opportunities for public input.

What is the Current CIP? The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board maintains capital improvement programs for regional parks and neighborhood/community parks. Current program is as follows:

How do residents and park visitors participate?

Resident and park visitor input will be sought for each plan that is developed. Input will be sought through several methods including questionnaires, focus groups and public meetings. Information about future input opportunities will be posted here.

Why a new CIP?

Over the past several years, traditional funding sources for capital improvements have not kept pace with infrastructure needs of the park system. In addition, significant changes in the city’s demographics, recreation trends and technology have resulted in increased demand for new or different park and recreation facilities. The Comprehensive Plan approved by the Board in 2007 addresses these shifts and provides guidance for future capital improvements. The process for developing the CIP will include defining the MPRB’s delivery goals for particular activities (programs or services) and the infrastructure changes or improvements, maintenance and funding required to deliver those activities. Identified improvements are anticipated to range from basic maintenance to rehabilitation to those that might catch the eye of potential donors to the park system.

What will the CIP development include?

The process will include researching trends, developing delivery goals and conducting community outreach and research for each major activity or group of activities in the park system. Examples of activity plans include a Bike, Walk and Roll Plan and a Field Sports Plan. Potential future focus areas include: winter recreation, court sports and environmental programming.

Current Plans in Progress:


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